Unveils New Product Features to Empower Users with AI-Driven Optimization

Cupertino, CA – November 21, 2023 –, a leading provider of AI-based based digital twin solutions for industrial domains, today announced the release of new product features designed to empower users with greater control and flexibility over the AI-driven recommendations. These new features, developed in close collaboration with key users, will enable users to fine-tune recommendations, conduct experiments, what-if scenario analysis, and gain deeper insights into process dynamics. 

“At, we are committed to providing our users with the tools they need to continuously optimize their industrial processes and achieve their sustainability goals,” said Indraneel Tembhre, Head of Product at “These new product features are a direct result of our user-centric approach, and we are confident that they will empower our users to make more informed decisions and drive even greater value from their deployments.” 

The new product release includes the following key features:  

Recommendation Tuning: Users can now fine-tune’s recommendations by adjusting input parameters and observing the impact on output KPIs such as production throughput, quality metrics, emissions rate. This allows users to personalize the AI engine to their specific process and preferences. 

What-if scenario simulation: Users can create simulated experiments to test different scenarios without affecting the actual process. This provides a safe & cost-effective environment to explore new ideas and gain insights into process behavior. 

Eugenie’s New Features Redefine Control and Enhance Decision-Making 

Eugenie’s latest features revolutionize the landscape of AI-driven process optimization, integrating state-of-the-art AI recommendations with end-users’ extensive domain experience. Here are the main benefits of the new features, putting users at the forefront of improved operational performance.  

User Personalization: The ability to fine-tune recommendations and conduct experiments empowers users to personalize to their specific needs and preferences. 

Highly accurate recommendations: By providing users with greater control over the AI model, can generate more accurate and effective recommendations. 

Enhanced Business and Sustainability KPIs: The combination of personalized recommendations and experimentation capabilities can help users optimize their processes for improved business and sustainability KPIs. 


The new product features are available immediately to all users. 

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